Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes: America's Nurses Tell Their Stories
Every nurse has a story to tell.  If you listen closely, you'll hear their joys and sorrows, frustrations and accomplishments, greatest losses and proudest moments. Each story is unique yet the courage and compassion woven throughout are universal.  Listen as Irene shares stories from the nurses in her book.  You are guaranteed to leave the program with a renewed sense of pride in your profession!
It’s About Time You Were Published: 7 Steps for Turning
Your Passion into Print

Whether you’re preparing a paper for publication in a journal, writing an article for a magazine, developing a nonfiction book proposal, or writing your first novel, you’ll need a proven roadmap to help you navigate the publishing terrain. Let Irene be your guide as you pursue your dream. Plus, learn what to avoid to ensure success!

Generous Listening, Powerful Stories
When did you last take the time to really listen to a colleague’s story? When was the last time you told your own? We speak of power in nursing, but we can’t address our power until we’re clear about our identity. This workshop is ideal for both medium and large groups. Irene demonstrates the effectiveness of generous listening as the group experiences the collective power of their stories.

The Six-Word Story About Nursing
Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a complete story using precisely six words.  He considered his final product to be one of his finest works: "For sale:  Baby shoes, never worn."  What message can you convey using the same stringent guidelines?
Are you looking for a way to bring greater recognition
to your school or organization?

Consider hosting a fundraiser by selling Irene’s book, Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes: America’s Nurses Tell Their Stories. Your event will bring attention to the nurse/faculty shortage and attract funding for school resources and scholarships. Now take that event one step further by concurrently hosting a shoe drive. Irene has developed a partnership with the non-profit organization, Soles4Souls®. They have successfully procured and distributed over 13 million pairs of shoes in more than 127 countries around the world.
In addition to their current commitments, Soles4Souls® is actively responding to the devastation in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami which struck on March 11, 2011. Please support their heroic effort and visit www.giveshoes.org. Contact Amber Kreiger at [email protected] or call (615) 391-5723.  For additional fundraising ideas, consider Deb Gauldin’s CD, Songs for the Unsung Heroes. Deb is a singer/songwriter, nurse humorist who has partnered with Irene on several memorable events ranging from conference keynotes to 2-day nursing retreats.
Working with organizations to retain their nurses
and help them feel valued.

An ideal way to acknowledge the value your nurses bring to patient care is to give them an opportunity to share their stories with their colleagues, other patients, and the community. Allow Irene to interview select staff and create a moving tribute to your team. A gallery display consisting of nurses’ stories and interviews, photographs and shoes is customized to accomdate your needs. Installation may be mobile or permanent. Contact Irene today to discuss your ideas.

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